Dating Game: Multiple Choice

a) We drink red under the purple sky, b) Your taste turns my stomach sour, c) His words felt like a forest fire,  a) as you slide sunshine into my pocket, b) as she still lingers on your lips, c) our foundations left crumbling as a) “Here” you say, “it’s yours forever”, b) you promise… Continue reading Dating Game: Multiple Choice

Mother Nature’s Symphony

The lights switched off; life paused the world as we once knew it melted into nothingness, commutes became a chorus of birds singing a melody of tranquillity as no cars and horns interrupted their symphonies, sunshine shone like a beacon of light to illuminate a life blossoming without our commotion. Look, she says, we can… Continue reading Mother Nature’s Symphony

Lost In Time – Chapter One

Finally, the rain had stopped. The respite was welcome as he made his way to church. The radio that morning declared the precipitation levels to be the highest during summer in 30 years. Not having to wear a coat that morning put a spring in his step as he made his way through the sodden… Continue reading Lost In Time – Chapter One

Project Insight – Chapter One

He raised his arm to reveal a blue plaster stuck just below his pulse point, smile so wide alluding to the fact that he was not in pain. Bullet points appeared to his left-hand side, on how much easier society will operate now the Insight378 will replace all external devices. He spoke about the procedure… Continue reading Project Insight – Chapter One

Mon Amour

L’amour m’envoie à la folie  it’s teeth have a grip on me two worlds have collided yet this feels one sided I’m speaking in tongues   Je ne suis pas amoureuse but you are my muse all that I see, eat, smell I act crazy under your spell I’m speaking in tongues   Le français… Continue reading Mon Amour

Shark Infested Waters (A Short Story)

I was escorted to my seat. I was told this was just procedure and that I was so brave for what I was doing. I remember thinking to myself that I’d much rather walk straight off a cliff into shark infested waters than be in this room. Looking back I guess that’s exactly what I… Continue reading Shark Infested Waters (A Short Story)

Loves Vulnerability

I want to build something beautiful  and set it on fire I want to kill us with kindness  like wilted fruit sat in the warmth of the sunshine  the best intentions, but neglected I had all the best intentions  I promise when I look at you I can feel my brain  going over all the… Continue reading Loves Vulnerability

Vena Amoris

The vein of love, waits to be sealed in prayer bounding two heartbeats together  with promises of forever, even  if science confirms it’s not there a myth long dispelled by facts yet this matrimonial act lays so  prevalent within our culture  to display our commitment to  another, in the form of a ring  placed on… Continue reading Vena Amoris