I no longer want to choke
on your secondhand love.
The toxins fill up my lungs
leaving me unable to breathe.
That slow and painful deterioration
from something that was never quite your own. 


-Nicotine Love.


He seeks only the low hanging fruit
the ones just within arms length
easy to pick from the branch 
and to take a bite out of.


He doesn’t possess the courage
to make the effort to reach the very top
where the most ripe reside
growing sweeter in the sunlight. 




I’m finally letting go of what could have been, 
I will dig out all of the hurt in my chest with my bare hands,
And amidst the pain and tears I will become a stronger version of myself.
Our hearts eat lies when they’re starving for attention,
Mine will now devour self love and acceptance,
I will allow myself to enjoy life’s delicious and colourful fruits,
Free from the shadow of your judgmental eyes.


– Acceptance.


Loneliness creeps over you like a rogue cloud on a summers day,
Leaving you feeling cold and cast under a shadow of deep grey,
No one can prepare you for how numbing the emotion can be,
Paralysed by self doubt and sadness leaving you unable to see,
Or comprehend lifes future possibilities and all that lays ahead,
Instead you’re left focusing on bleak prospects and the heavy feeling of dread.



International Women’s Day.

‘You throw like a girl’
‘Stop being a girl about it’
Shrieks society who does not understand
That strength comes from your mind
As well as your body
We grow and nurture the human race
All life starts from our womb
We take all comments of our weaknesses
And use them to our strengths
For true strength does not need to bulge out of a bicep
Or grow tall to tower over those deemed inferior
Because when we unite, we roar
And we cannot be silenced anymore.